Progress Reports

Weekly Thursday Progress Reports and Grading Reminders

We want to make sure that all families understand how teachers are using the grades of "M" and "ME" this school year.
  • M (for Missing) is entered in a gradebook when a student has not turned in an assignment. It communicates to the student, parent/guardian and school support teams that an assignment has not been completed.
  • ME (Missing and Essential) is entered in the gradebook when an assignment that is essential for understanding a student’s performance has not been turned in or completed. An example of this might be a unit assessment, a research paper, or an end of semester project. When a grade of ME is entered in the gradebook, the student’s grade will appear as "Incomplete (IC)" until the ME is resolved. Once the student has completed the Missing and Essential (ME) assignment, the grade in the class will reappear in HAC. Please note that a student cannot receive a passing grade or credit in the course with an ME in the gradebook at the end of the semester. The IC should serve as serious red flag that the student's grade is in immediate need of attention. Should you see an IC on a weekly IPR or in HAC, please contact your student's teacher directly and they will work with you to explain what your student needs to do.