On-Site Covid Testing

On-Site Covid Testing Services by Northshore Clinical Labs

On Sept. 16, the District 86 Board of Education approved a contract with Northshore Clinical Labs to provide on-site COVID-19 testing services for our students and staff. Before we could make these services available, we needed the Illinois Department of Public Health (IDPH) to issue its updated testing protocols. We also needed to work with Northshore and our building-level leaders to finalize the logistical/operational aspects of the testing process (e.g., consent, staffing, locations, etc.). Now that these critical steps have been completed, we are pleased to announce that Northshore will be able to administer free rapid antigen and RT-PCR tests to our students and staff beginning the week of Nov. 1. 
As a reminder, the following individuals are required to participate in the district’s weekly testing program:
  • Unvaccinated students who are taking part in a school- or district-sponsored sport or activity, which includes serving on a student club or organization. For athletics, this is limited to students who are currently in season. Test results will be a factor in determining eligibility. The athletic and activities directors from each school will provide students and their parents/guardians with more detailed information about the testing process.  
  • Any employee who is unvaccinated. This is based on an executive order that Governor Pritzker issued in late August. The district’s human resources department will provide employees with more detailed information about the testing process.
While these individuals must submit to testing in accordance with the district’s program, that testing does not have to be conducted by Northshore. Instead, it can be completed by any licensed medical practitioner or health professional. With that said, official results have to be submitted to the appropriate school or district official by the reporting deadline every week regardless of where the tests are administered. 
Any student (e.g., vaccinated; unvaccinated, but not in a sport or activity; unvaccinated, but not currently in season for a sport) or staff member (e.g., vaccinated) who falls outside the categories listed above will not be required to follow the district’s weekly testing protocols. However, they will have access to the testing services should they need them - i.e., they are experiencing a COVID-like symptom, or have been identified as a close contact and want to get tested in order to stay in school or at work. 
Anyone who utilizes the services being provided by Northshore and the district must provide consent. Below are school-specific links that parents/guardians can use to authorize consent for their children and employees can use to authorize consent for themselves. 
Any student from the Transition Center or employee who is not assigned to Central or South can use the link for the location that will be easiest/most convenient for them for testing purposes. In addition, while consent can be given at the time of testing, having it in advance will help expedite the process. 
Below are the days and times that testing services will be available, and the location in each building where they will be administered. 
  • Hinsdale Central - testing will occur in room 504 during regular school hours (8 a.m.-3p.m.) Monday through Friday. 
  • Hinsdale South - testing will occur in room 126 during regular school hours (8 a.m.-3p.m.) Monday through Friday. 
The buildings will provide additional information (e.g., process for getting tested during the school day, process for submitting test results from outside providers, etc.) prior to the first day of testing. In the meantime, please contact the assistant principal for operations from your child’s school (Kari Peronto from Hinsdale South, kperonto@hinsdale86.org; Ryan Maita from Hinsdale Central, rmaita@hinsdale86.org) if you have any questions.