Course Selection Info

Course Selection for CURRENT Students:

We will begin selecting courses for the 21-22 school year in the coming weeks. Students will receive the following information via email:
1. List of all the courses they have been recommended for
2. Video instructions provided for students to log into their HAC account and select the courses they want to take prior to meeting with their counselor
3. Notification of a scheduled time/date to meet with their counselor to finalize the courses they have chosen
This will occur:
January 15- 21 for current Freshmen
February 1- February 4 for current Sophomores
January 22- 28 for current Juniors
It is important that students come to their appointment with the courses they are interested in AND at least 2 alternative electives. We do our best to get students into their first choice courses, but this is not always possible. Students who miss their scheduled time are responsible for contacting their counselor by February 4 or courses will be selected for them. Please reach out to your counselor with any changes.