Google and Outlook Acct Info

Parents of Graduating Seniors

ATTN: Deactivation of Google and email accounts

On Friday, June 28, 2019, D86 Google accounts and email accounts for graduating seniors/non-returning students will be deactivated. After June 28, 2019, graduates will not be able to access D86 Google and email accounts, and the files/messages contained within will be deleted. Please encourage your student to move any files they wish to keep and send any important emails in their D86 student account to a personal account.
Students will receive instructions on how to transfer District 86 Google Drive files to a personal Google account on Friday.
Please note: If your student is using a account on any third party sites or services (i.e. College Board, Dropbox, Pandora, Twitter, etc.), please make sure your student changes contact/login information at each of those sites and services before June 28, 2019. After this date, your student will not be able to receive notifications/log into these services.

Parents of Freshmen, Sophomores and Juniors

ATTN: Student email account changes

Effective June 28, 2019, current freshmen, sophomores and juniors will not be able to access the content of their D86 email accounts because D86 student accounts will move from Outlook to Gmail. Please encourage your student to send any important emails in their D86 student Outlook account to a personal account as all content in Outlook will be deleted on June 28, 2019.
Gmail accounts will be set up using their current email address and password this summer. Families will be notified when these accounts become active.