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Congratulations to Vespa for Winning Awards from NSPA and CSPA

The Vespa yearbook has received the highest honor a yearbook can achieve, winning the All-American award with four marks of distinction from the National Scholastic Press Association (NSPA), and the Gold Medal Certificate from the Columbia Scholastic Press Association (CSPA). These awards place Vespa in the top five percent of yearbooks in the nation.


The following students worked on this award-winning book, led by Alumni Tess Murray (University of Missouri) and Afraa Waheed (University of Illinois at Chicago). Editors: Dinah Chemmachel (Student Life), Aimee Puz (People), Megan Mihalkanin (Sports), Camryn Hulvat and Kasey Hurley (Photo)

Staff: Cora Dempsey, Lujayn Safe, Kristina Martinet, Ella Zervakis, Gabija Baudyte, Rimmy Kuzmarskyte, Diana Temelkova, Devin Hurley, Ania Hayes, Ally Momchev

Alumni: Delaney Keating, Dave Green, Sydney Benson, Kaylee McKinney, Melissa Chacko, Stephanie Tagudar, Neha Chinwalla, Brett Haffner, Erica Hoffman, Haley Der, Tyler Gates, Alma Kozlica, Anne Banks, Simin Rajwany, Andi Vazquez, Lujayn Kholoki, Veronica Terrell, Jackie Wojcik.