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Hinsdale Central Model UN Team Takes Second Place in International Competition

The Hinsdale Central Model UN (HCMUN) team took second place at the Chicago International Model United Nations (CIMUN) conference, which drew more than 1,100 students from around the world. The 28 delegates from Central were placed on historical (1991) or present-day committees that had varying focuses, and competed against their peers in a simulation of different UN legislative bodies and governing agencies.

In addition to its second place finish, the team earned more individual awards during the conference than it had in the entire history of the HCMUN. Those awards included:

  • Best delegate on their committees - Ammar Hussain (Security Council 2019), Zamaan Qureshi (Security Council 1991), Chelsea Biala and Anchal Kumar (ITU 2019), Zayn Khan (Cabinet of China 2019) and Fareed Khan (IAEA 2019)

  • Outstanding delegate on their committees - Zahrah Qureshi and Aidan ElDifrawi (DISEC 2019)

  • Honorable mention on their committees - Rizwan Zaheer (Soviet Senate 1991) and Aadit Bhavsar (WHO 2019)

  • Delegates’ choice, which is given to the delegate selected by his/her peers as the best - Zayn Khan (Cabinet of China 2019), Ajay Jejurikar (Press) and Marcos Lopez (Cabinet of Saudi Arabia 2019)

  • Special awards were also given to Zayn Khan and Rizwan Zaheer for being the best delegates to speak to the Security Council, and to Marcos Lopez for being the best overall member in his cabinet


Hinsdale Central Model UN Team