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D86 BOE Votes 6-0 to Put Bond Resolution on the April 2, 2019 Consolidated Election Ballot in the amount of $139,815,983

Hinsdale, IL – January 12, 2019 – At the Special Meeting held this morning, the Hinsdale Township High School District 86 Board of Education voted 6-0 to adopt Resolution #19.14 to put a bond resolution on the April 2 ballot in the amount of $139,815,983. This new number raises the total amount by approximately $10 million from what the Board had previously discussed. Of the total amount, $59,834,741, or 43 percent, is for projects at Hinsdale South and $79,981,242, or 57 percent, is for projects at Hinsdale Central.


The $10 million dollar change reflects an increase in approximately $5 million each for Central and South. The $5 million at Central will move the pool to a new location but keep the size the same at 6 lanes wide and 25 yards long. The new pool at South will also be a 6-lane, 25-yard pool. The current location of the Central pool does not allow for expansion in either direction. The current location of the South pool does allow for expansion in length. The $5 million at South would fund renovations to the South auditorium space, adding new lighting and sound systems, among other improvements like an orchestra pit and sound booth.


These two projects are in addition to the already approved:

  • Fixes to infrastructure
  • Upgrades to safety and security
  • Improvements in accessibility for persons with disabilities
  • Renovations to science and technology learning (STEM) spaces from 1960s classrooms to classrooms that can support technology in 2020 and beyond
  • Renovations to student health and counselling areas to provide services to all the students it serves
  • Improvements to electricity, plumbing and sanitation systems in the cafeteria kitchens and serving lines
  • Renovations to the libraries to convert them from their original designs as book rental and then book rental/computer stations, to media centers that offers multifunctional flexibility to run several functions for groups and individuals simultaneously, like classroom teaching, presentations, collaborative research, group study and project work, student work with teachers, and independent student research and study
  • Replacement of both 6-lane, 25-yard pools with new 6-lane, 25-yard pools at Central and South


“Today’s unanimous Board vote is for the future of District 86,” said Board President Bill Carpenter. “The purpose of this referendum is to make the necessary fixes and improvements at both of our high schools. Our community expects our schools to deliver excellent, innovative educational programming. To provide the level of excellence our community expects and that this District has built its reputation on, our school facilities need to be fixed and improved so that they are future-ready, so that our teachers and staff can adapt as best practices change to prepare our students for the challenges they face in a highly competitive world economy.”


Mr. Carpenter continued, “This number changes the spend equally for Central and South and is based on individual needs each school currently has as defined by the 2016 Master Facilities Plan. Including the upgrades to the South auditorium will directly impact the incredibly successful performing arts programming, as well as the everyday academics. Because these improvements will give South all of the equipment it needs, like fully functional lighting and sound on site, the space can be used more often, and that will give the South the opportunity to engage and interact with the community much more frequently. Likewise, the $5 million in increased spend for the Central pool does not give Central a better or bigger pool than South. It simply gives Central a pool that offers the same current benefits as South's pool and leaves both schools with the equal opportunity to change their pools to meet future needs and demands.”


After the $166 million dollar referendum failed in November, the Board identified fixes that have to be made and authorized cuts on December 17, 2018 to take money out of operations to pay for $42 million in necessary fixes to infrastructure, safety and security upgrades, greater accessibility for persons with disabilities and new lighting and electrical capacity in classrooms. These repairs are anticipated to take five years to complete unless funds to pay for them come from the April 2 referendum.


The deadline for the Board to vote to adopt a resolution for the April 2 ballot is January 14.


Updated information that reflects these changes will be posted on the District 86 website under the April 2019 Referendum tab as it becomes available.


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