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Statement from the Board President: Restoring Activities Cut December 17, 2018

 District seal

Board President Bill Carpenter


April 6, 2019


The Board appreciates the interest the community has shown in the co-curricular activities District 86 offers its students. The Board shares that interest. The Board understands the importance co-curricular activities play in the development of our students and is eager to restore as many cuts as possible that were made in December to pay for security and infrastructure projects if the referendum did not pass.


It took from October to December to determine what to reduce from the operating budget if the referendum did not pass. The Board is eager to restore as many cuts as possible, but the Board is also determined to make structural adjustments to the operating budget so that maintenance and replacement are not deferred to ensure that there is never again a backlog of infrastructure projects. Athletics were restored first because competition schedules for next year are being created right now. On Wednesday, the Board approved an amount to restore to activities and will see for the first time Monday the detailed list of activities the Activities Directors are recommending to be restored, not even one week after voters approved the referendum . It will not take three months to restore cuts, but the Board is just as determined to get the restoration right as it was to get the cuts right and will take the appropriate amount of time to restore activities.


Monday’s meeting is not the last opportunity the Board will have to restore cuts made in December. The track record of this Board shows that we take on difficult issues, we take our time, and we get it right. The community should have confidence we will get this right too, and should give us the time to do that.