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Statement from Board President Bill Carpenter Concerning Manley Litigation

Eighteenth Circuit Memorandum Opinion and Order 

Board President Bill Carpenter


January 7, 2019

After nearly four years of defending against a lawsuit filed by former Board member Claudia Manley and her husband Noel Manley, I am pleased to announce that on January 3 the Circuit Court of the Eighteenth Judicial Circuit ruled in favor of District 86 and Superintendent Law on all of the remaining claims in this lawsuit. The Honorable Judge Fullerton held that the Uniform Grievance Procedure (UGP) properly applied to Claudia Manley, and that the dispute over Policy 4:20 was moot. He also rejected their attempt to "reserve" other issues, remedies, and claims.


The courts have spoken clearly and decisively on this case, now for the fourth time. Every single time that the courts have ruled on the merits of this case—first when the Manleys filed for an injunction, second when the Manleys filed federal claims, third when the Manleys filed a federal appeal, and finally now after the Manleys filed claims in state court—the courts have ruled against them and in favor of the District and the Superintendent. We sincerely hope that the Manleys will accept this latest decision rather than continue dragging this out, wasting taxpayer dollars, by trying to file new claims or appeals.


Should the Manleys continue this futile and expensive exercise the Board will continue to vigorously defend itself as we have done for almost four years and we fully expect to prevail, as we have done every time a judge has issued a ruling.