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Formal Bid / Request for Proposal Process:

In accordance with the School Code (105 ILCS 5/10-20.21) and State law, contracts for the purchase of goods and services can only be awarded by the Board of Education after they have been let for public bid.  If bid, such contracts must be awarded to the lowest responsible bidder after due advertisement. 
Bid/RFP Submittal
Bids must be sealed by the bidder and must be opened by the Purchasing Supervisor at a public bid opening, at which the content of the bids must be announced.  All are invited to attend a bid opening at any time.  Bid openings are conducted in the Administrative Center Conference room at 5500 S. Grant Street, Hinsdale, IL 60521.   

Bid/RFP Packet Information/addendum(s)
Bid/RFP information can be obtained on the internet at our website or contact Tina Snyder or Phone 630.570.8003. 
Miscellaneous Bid/RFP Information
Bid and or performance bonds may be required with some bids.  Specific instructions and explanations are included in all bid documents.  Bids should always include freight costs in the total bid, unless otherwise stated.  No additional charges for freight after the fact are allowed.  Sealed must be submitted in a sealed envelope address to the Purchasing Supervisor.  Bids must be received before the date and time set for the bid opening.  Bids received after the date and  time set for the bid opening will not be considered.  Bids are then tabulated and evaluated with a recommendation made to the Board of Education for award.
The school code also makes the District require all bids and contract include a certification by the bidder or contractor that the bidder or contractor is not barred from bidding for or entering into a contract and that the bidder or contractor acknowledges that a board of education may declare the contract void if the certifications is false. 
Advertising Bids/Request for Proposals
Newspaper:  a legal notice inviting vendors to submit bid proposals shall be published in the legal section of the Pioneer Press-Doings at least (10) days prior to the bid opening date.        
Prevailing Wage Requirements
All contractors are advised that no less than the prevailing rate of wages as determined by the Illinois Department of Labor shall be paid to all laborers, works and mechanics performing work for Hinsdale Township High School District 86.