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    Hinsdale Central has a wide variety of clubs and activities that make it possible for all students to get involved. It is a widely known and proven fact that the more those students are involved either academically or socially the better they perform. Students who find a connection in a club or activity find much more satisfaction in their high school experience, whether from a classroom experience, peer and/or adult relationship or participation in an extra-curricular activity.


    The experiences that are shared in a club/activity are so valuable to our students! These experiences provide students with the ability to foster their leadership skills, cooperation, involvement, achievement and citizenship as well as offer a safe and fun environment where students can make connections with new people with similar interests.


    A goal of Hinsdale Central is to increase student participation in activities, so that more and more students feel a connection to their school.  

Dexter the Devil
  • Peer Leadership 2017-2018

    Interested in helping freshmen adjust to high school life? Join Peer Leadership! We meet with the freshman every late start during gym for the first semester to teach them essential high school skills as well as helping them make friends so they can be part of the Red Devil family. We would love to have you as a part of the club so fill out the application online and don’t forget to sign up for an interview in the ACTIVITIES office room 233!


    Link to application: https://goo.gl/forms/xYtvWZ1DRYlhrpRN2

    Drop off applications and sign up for interviews at the Social work Office NO later than March 2nd!! If you do not fill out online AND print of 2nd page AND sign up for interview AND attend the interview you will NOT become a leader!