• Mission Statement


    For students to develop as citizens, they must learn democratic values and practice democratic process skills that are appropriate for their age and maturity. Social studies courses teach students these essential values and skills. Additionally, students must be prepared for success in college and the work place through practice in data analysis, analytical writing, and development of presentation skills. Regardless of a student’s career and life choices, all students will deal with politics, cultural and religious differences, and social conflict on a daily basis. A strong social science education is vital for success in a diverse and rapidly changing society.

  • Staff Directory

    Last Name First Name Email Phone Website Department Building
    Barry Michael mbarry@hinsdale86.org 630-468-4548 sites.google.com/a/hinsdale86.org/mr-barry-s-homepage/ SocialStudies South
    Chavarria Nicholas nchavarr@hinsdale86.org 630-468-4549 sites.google.com/a/hinsdale86.org/nchavarr/ SocialStudies South
    Donahue Shannon sdonahue@hinsdale86.org SocialStudies South
    Faeh Paul pfaeh@hinsdale86.org 630-468-4554 sites.google.com/a/hinsdale86.org/pfaeh/ SocialStudies South
    Guritz Matt mguritz@hinsdale86.org 630-468-4540 sites.google.com/a/hinsdale86.org/mguritz/ SocialStudies South
    Lencioni Kathy klencion@hinsdale86.org 630-468-4542 sites.google.com/a/hinsdale86.org/lencioni-social-studies/ SocialStudies South
    Moretti Michael mmoretti@hinsdale86.org 630-468-4553 sites.google.com/a/hinsdale86.org/mmoretti SocialStudies South
    Nelson Martin mnelson@hinsdale86.org 630-468-4544 sites.google.com/a/hinsdale86.org/mr-nelson/ SocialStudies South
    Polacek Emily epolacek@hinsdale86.org 630-468-4543 sites.google.com/a/hinsdale86.org/epolacek/home SocialStudies South
    Proutsos Michelle mproutso@hinsdale86.org sites.google.com/a/hinsdale86.org/mproutso/ SocialStudies South
    Ritter David dritter@hinsdale86.org 630-468-4550 sites.google.com/a/hinsdale86.org/dritter/ SocialStudies South
    Van Hout Kelly kvanhout@hinsdale86.org 630-468-4546 sites.google.com/a/hinsdale86.org/kvanhout/ SocialStudies South
    Waterman Jeff JWaterma@hinsdale86.org 630-468-4547 sites.google.com/a/hinsdale86.org/jwaterman/home SocialStudies South