• During the board of education meeting on Sept. 24, we provided an update on our return to school plan (https://bit.ly/2RTCiHf), more specifically the phased-in approach we are proposing for the resumption of in-person instruction. Below is a brief overview of what we shared during this update.

    • The implementation of our phased-in approach for resuming in-person instruction will be aligned with the metrics issued by the DuPage County Health Department (DCHD) on Aug. 28. More specifically, the number of students who are on campus for in-person instruction will be based primarily on the community level of transmission (minimal, moderate or substantial) in the county.

    • We are using an algorithm to sort all of our students into four equal groups (A, B, C and D). As part of the sorting process, we will make sure that siblings are placed in the same group. We will have a Group E that features special education and other high needs students who will participate in in-person learning up to four days per week. We will also have a Group R (R stands for remote) that will include the students who will be learning from home full time.We will let students know what groups they are in by the close of business on Wednesday, Sept. 30.

    • Given how far along we are into the semester, we will no longer be using Edgenuity for students who are learning from home full time. Instead, these students will continue to engage in synchronous instruction on a daily basis that is led by their current teachers and delivered primarily via Zoom. We chose this option over livestreaming because Zoom will enable students to actively engage in lessons and interact with their teachers and peers, while livestreaming will only allow them to observe their classes. We are currently taking steps (e.g., purchasing additional bandwidth, buying and testing headsets and sound amplification systems, securing additional Zoom licenses, etc.) to help ensure that teachers are able to simultaneously provide instruction to students who are in their classrooms and at home.

    • Given the move from Edgenuity to synchronous instruction for our at-home learners, and the possibility that people’s situations may have changed over the past several weeks, we want to give families the opportunity to confirm their preference of the hybrid or virtual options for their students. With this in mind, we are asking all families to please complete the brief planning form found at https://forms.gle/hViRuZauVDVwniG27 by noon on Tuesday, Sept. 29.

    • During the week of Sept. 28, we will maintain our current block schedule and continue bringing cohorts of students from Group E on campus for in-person instruction, interventions and support.

    • We will begin bringing our A, B, C and D groups of students on campus the week of Oct. 5. During this week, each of these four groups will have a designated day on campus. There will also be shortened schedules (20-minute classes and 10-minute passing periods) on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. The Wednesday schedule for the week will stay the same - i.e., students and teachers will engage in synchronous instruction from 8 a.m. to 11:25 a.m., with early bird taking place from 7:30 a.m. to 7:55 a.m.

    • Starting the week of Oct. 12, we will bring one group of students (A, B, C or D) on campus each week. We will also be implementing a condensed version of our current block schedule for in-person and at-home learners that will feature 65-minute classes and 10-minute passing periods.

    • Students and staff who are on campus for in-person instruction, athletics, activities, etc. will be required to follow the health and safety procedures and protocols we shared in August - e.g., daily temperature checks, wearing face coverings, wearing IDs on a district-issued lanyard, adhering to the six-foot rule in accordance with social distancing guidelines, adhering to the updated rules and expectations regarding the flow of student and staff traffic in the building (e.g., hallways, stairwells, entrances/exits and classrooms), adhering to the suspension of locker use by students, etc.

    You can access detailed information about the phased-in approach and the schedule and activities we have planned for the weeks of Oct. 5, 12, 19, 26 and Nov. 2 by visiting https://bit.ly/3jdBwAA