• District 86: English Department Mission Statement

    In the District 86 English Department, we strive to build safe and inclusive communities of learners who value diverse perspectives. Our students will graduate from our English classrooms able to communicate in writing and in speaking, with both passion and civility; to read a variety of texts accurately, for pleasure and with purpose; to appreciate the beauty and power of language; and to research with a critical eye. Our students should see reading and writing as ways to discover more about themselves and their worlds. We provide equitable opportunities to prepare students for college, careers, citizenship, and personal growth.

  • Staff Directory

    Last Name First Name Email Phone Department Building
    ALEXANDER MONIQUE malexand@hinsdale86.org English South
    BAUER MALLORY mbauer@hinsdale86.org 6304684363 English South
    BLANCO GALLEN NICOLE ngallen@hinsdale86.org 6304684353 English South
    CHARTERS JOHN jcharter@hinsdale86.org 6304684354 English South
    DOWNING WALTER wdowning@hinsdale86.org 6304684358 English South
    ELO LISA lielo@hinsdale86.org 6304684220 English South
    HETTINGER SHANNON shetting@hinsdale86.org 6304684360 English South
    HOWARD SUZANNE showard@hinsdale86.org 6304684362 English South
    KELLY JAMES jkelly@hinsdale86.org 6304684359 English South
    LAFONTAINE AIMEE alafonta@hinsdale86.org 6305708371 English South
    MOORE STEPHEN smoore@hinsdale86.org 6304684366 English South
    RILEY BETH briley@hinsdale86.org 6304684369 English South
    SASSO RICHARD rsasso@hinsdale86.org 6304684347 English South
    THELEN BRIAN bthelen@hinsdale86.org 6304684370 English South
    WIMSATT KRISTIN kwimsatt@hinsdale86.org 6304684373 English South
    YUSKA JR DANNY dyuska@hinsdale86.org 6304684352 English South