• Strategic Plan Goal 4: Family and Community Connections

    On Dec. 12, 2019, Chris Jasculca, who is the district’s director of communications and the champion for Goal 4 of the strategic plan, provided the board with a brief update on the status of his team's efforts to date. This update included information about the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) the team will use to measure and assess progress on its goal, which is to ensure that families and the community are engaged as valued partners in the education process. These KPIs include:

    • Constant Contact – Average open rate and average number of clicks for First Look, Board Briefs and Updates from 86
    • Facebook – Lifetime post reach (number of people who had a post enter their screen), lifetime post impressions (number of times a post entered a person's screen) and lifetime engaged users (number of unique people who engaged in certain ways with a post – e.g., commenting on, liking, sharing or clicking)
    • Twitter – Visits (number of times users visited your profile page), impressions (number of times users saw a tweet on Twitter) and engagements (total number of times a user interacts with a tweet)

    Jasculca also shared information about what the team has already done and/or will be doing this year to advance their goal and strategies. This work has included:

    • Introducing new or changing/updating existing communication tools or resources; creating new norms for communication regarding frequency and content
    • Beginning to shift the amount of time spent on positive/proactive communication versus reactive communication
    • Researching communication strategies and resources that are being effectively used by other school districts; exploring how they might improve/enhance how we communicate in District 86
    • Assessing/analyzing the baseline data we collect to determine if modifications need to be made to the way we communicate with key internal and external stakeholders (e.g., day and time update emails are sent, amount of content included in our messages, greater use of images or visuals in social media posts, etc.)
    • Beginning to develop short- and long-term action plans for strategies 10 and 11; identifying ways to get building staff involved in the work on both strategies