• Accomplishments from the 2020-21 School Year

    Goal 3, Strategy 7 (Staff Engagement)

    • The Culture and Equity Leadership Team (CELT), which is composed of teachers, support staff, students, parents/guardians, administrators, board members and community members, wrote the district's equity statement.

    • The Performance Evaluation Reform Act (PERA) committee updated the faculty evaluation plan to shift the focus for tenured staff from compliance to growth and innovation.

    • The Recovery-Revitalization-Restored (R3) Committee collaboratively and effectively navigated challenges created by the pandemic.

    • The Learning Leadership Team (LLT) established a districtwide common grading scale for implementation during the 2021-22 school year.

    • Teachers from all content areas and special education were involved in the curriculum alignment work that was completed in conjunction with Goal 1.

    • The Parent-Teacher Advisory Committee (PTAC) was expanded to include more members, and had the opportunity to discuss and provide feedback about district initiatives such as the return to school plan and curriculum alignment.

    • Continued consistent communication and collaboration with the district's collective bargaining groups.

    • Resumption of the Superintendent's Roundtable.

    Goal 3, Strategy 8 (Meaningful Data)

    • Panorama selected to help the district administer satisfaction surveys to students, staff and families.

    • Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief (ESSER) funds utilized to add a district data and analytics coordinator position. 

    Goal 3, Strategy 9 (Sender School Communication)

    • Quarterly meetings between the heads of the academics departments from District 86 and our sender districts.

    Initiatives for the 2021-22 School Year

    Goal 3, Strategy 7 (Staff Engagement)

    • Continue providing opportunities for staff engagement through avenues such as the Superintendent's Roundtable, PTAC, CELT, LLT, PERA and building-level initiatives.

    • Develop strategies aimed at increasing the hiring of highly-qualified staff that more closely reflects the school community.

    • Investigate improvements to the support staff evaluation plans.

    • Begin work on a staff wellness plan that would include the formation of a committee, creation of a vision and development of goals.

    • Negotiations with teachers and support staff completed in a collaborative and timely manner.

    Goal 3, Strategy 8 (Meaningful Data)

    • Administer staff survey to gather baseline data that will be used to develop action plans.

    • Complete an internal audit of all HR processes and procedures, and create efficiencies and clarity for staff.

    • Develop metrics in support of the strategic plan (e.g., hiring for diversity, retention, dual credit staffing, etc.).

    • Summer PTAC meeting focused on the analysis of the district's academic data.

    • Begin work on succession planning to address upcoming retirements.

    Goal 3, Strategy 9 (Sender School Communication)

    • Collaborate with goal champions to facilitate communication and professional learning opportunities with sender districts.

    • Collaborate with goal champions to create an effective articulation model as curriculum work is completed.