• JenniferLawrence

    Jay Lawrence

    World Language Dept. Chair
    Spanish Teacher
    Phone: (630) 570-8390

    Fax: (630) 887-1357
    Email: jlawrence@hinsdale86.org


    Kirsten Parsons

    Administrative Assistant
    Phone: (630) 570-8391
    Fax: (630) 887-1357
    Email: kparsons@hinsdale86.org



  • Our mission as a World Languages department is to enable students to acquire, develop, expand, and apply their knowledge of a new language.

    We do this by working collaboratively within our learning community to: 

    • Maximize student potential for learning and language acquisition. 
    • Guide student learning by modeling good study habits and effective learning skills. 

    We do this so that students can integrate and transfer knowledge of a new language throughout their lives, and gain a broader perspective and understanding of world cultures within a respectful community of learners.