Andrea Ellexson

    Director of Special Education

    Phone: (630)570-8290

    Fax: (630)887-8564

    Email: aellexso@hinsdale86.org


    Jim Westphal

    Assistant Department Chair

    Phone: (630)570-8334

    Fax: (630)887-8564

    Email: jwestpha@hinsdale86.org


    Wendy Vallo

    Administrative Assistant

    Phone: (630)570-8291

    Fax: (630)887-8561

    Email: wvallo@hinsdale86.org




  • Mission Statement

    The mission of the Special Education Department is to work in partnership with all other HCHS departments to educate students who experience disabilities that affect their learning, support their academic achievement and self-reflection in the learning process, foster the development of each student’s character, and assist students in their preparation for post-secondary education, careers, and community contributions.



    •  Students will meet or exceed academic/learning standards 
    • Students will understand, apply, evaluate, and adapt learning strategies to acquire knowledge and demonstrate learning.
    • Students will meet transition goals addressing competencies for post-secondary education, independent living, community participation, and employment.
    • Students will become proficient self –advocates, demonstrating effective communication, decision-making, and problem-solving skills.


  • Staff Directory

    Last Name First Name Email Phone Website Department Building
    Andrews Maeve mandrews@hinsdale86.org sites.google.com/a/hinsdale86.org/mandrews/home Special Education Central
    Boheme Sasha sboheme@hinsdale86.org 630-570-8335 Special Education Central
    Bruckner Johanna jbruckne@hinsdale86.org sites.google.com/a/hinsdale86.org/jbruckne/home Special Education Central
    Burnett de Medina Mary mburnett@hinsdale86.org 630-570-8318 sites.google.com/a/hinsdale86.org/mburnett/ Special Education Central
    Connaghan Siobhan sconnagh@hinsdale86.org Special Education Central
    Cullnan Heather hcullnan@hinsdale86.org 630-570-8328 sites.google.com/a/hinsdale86.org/hcullnan/ Special Education Central
    Davidson Regina rdavidso@hinsdale86.org Special Education Central
    DeAngelis Annette adeangel@hinsdale86.org 630-570-8337 sites.google.com/a/hinsdale86.org/adeangelis/ Special Education Central
    Doherty Deanne ddoherty@hinsdale86.org 630-570-8268 sites.google.com/a/hinsdale86.org/ddoherty/ Special Education Central
    Doyle Mary Kate mdoyle@hinsdale86.org 630-570-8296 sites.google.com/a/hinsdale86.org/mkdoyle Special Education Central
    Gallagher Mary mgallagh@hinsdale86.org 630-570-8578 sites.google.com/a/hinsdale86.org/mgallagh/ Special Education Central
    Garrey Patricia pgarrey@hinsdale86.org Special Education Central
    Gronewold Cassandra cgronewo@hinsdale86.org 630-570-8678 Special Education Central
    Gross Michael mgross@hinsdale86.org sites.google.com/a/hinsdale86.org/mgross/ Special Education Central
    Harper Nancy nharper@hinsdale86.org 630-570-8300 Special Education Central
    Jahan Mala mjahan@hinsdale86.org 630-570-8323 Special Education Central
    Jolicoeur Judith jjolicoe@hinsdale86.org Special Education Central
    Kloska William wkloska@hinsdale86.org sites.google.com/a/hinsdale86.org/wkloska/home Special Education Central
    Kramer John jkramer@hinsdale86.org Special Education Central
    Krzyaniak Alecia akrzyani@hinsdale86.org 630-570-8297 sites.google.com/a/hinsdale86.org/akrzyani/home/prep1 Special Education Central
    Lapinski Rick rlapinsk@hinsdale86.org 630-570-8329 sites.google.com/a/hinsdale86.org/rlapinsk/ Special Education Central
    Lopez Tatiana tlopez@hinsdale86.org 630-570-8320 Special Education Central
    Lueken Mary Beth mlueken@hinsdale86.org 630-570-8302 sites.google.com/a/hinsdale86.org/mlueken/ Special Education Central
    Madonia Jennifer jmadonia@hinsdale86.org 630-570-8331 sites.google.com/a/hinsdale86.org/jmadonia/ Special Education Central
    Martin Cynthia cmartin@hinsdale86.org Special Education Central