• What is Plan B?

    In September 2018, the Board asked Administration to bring as a report what would happen if the November 6, 2018 referendum for facilities did not pass. This alternative became known as Plan B. 

    The first report was brought October 1 and the follow up the Board requested was brought October 15. In the October 1 report, Administration showed the Board how much it would cost and how long it would take to just improve security, fix infrastructure, improve accessibility, and upgrade classrooms to support our 1:1 learning environment, totalling approximately $46 million. These are the projects the Board said it would complete regardless of the referendum outcome, because some are required by law and some are necessary due to the age or condition of the identified item, such as the boilers which are original to both buildings for example. None of the remaining items on the 2018 referendum project list are funded under Plan B.

    After learning that the referendum did not pass, the Board called a Special Meeting on November 12 to discuss results and next steps. 

    As the Board continues to evaluate options at meetings, more information will be added at the second tab on the left, Related Meeting Report Info.