Julie May 

    Science Department Chair

    Phone:  630-570-8500

    Fax:  630-920-0837

    Email: jmay@hinsdale86.org



    Linda Bronsteader

    Administrative Assistant

    Phone: 630-570-8571 

    Fax:   630-920-0837

    Email: lbronste@hinsdale86.org

  • The mission of the Science Department is to empower in each of our students, through exposure to the science curriculum, the ability to become effective problem solvers, collaborative/cooperative workers, and lifelong learners. This is to be done by making students familiar with both the process (scientific method) and content (body of scientific knowledge) of science.

    Students will learn how science operates within the context of the various scientific disciplines: students will see science as a creative, human endeavor, not simply the accumulation of facts. Students will understand and use appropriate lab processes and procedures. Students will understand how scientific facts are discovered and how theories explaining these facts are developed. Students will understand how to critically evaluate and interpret qualitative and quantitative data, students will learn how scientific problem solving techniques are useful in all areas of life, students will realize the importance of science considering the relationship among people, technologies, and environments.

  • Staff Directory

    Last Name First Name Email Phone Website Department Building
    Baker Julie jbaker@hinsdale86.org 630-570-8506 Website Science Central
    Breig Anna abreig@hinsdale86.org 630-570-8504 Website Science Central
    Breig Marvin mbreig@hinsdale86.org 630-570-8505 Website Science Central
    Canavan Dylan dcanavan@hinsdale86.org 630-570-8520 Website Science Central
    Fernandez Lisa lfernand@hinsdale86.org Website Science Central
    Greenberg Molly mgreenberg@hinsdale86.org 630-570-8522 Website Science Central
    Jazak Michael mjazak@hinsdale86.org 630-570-8527 Website Science Central
    Jensen Eric ejensen@hinsdale86.org 630-570-8509 Website Science Central
    Jensen Melissa mjensen@hinsdale86.org 630-570-8518 Website Science Central
    Kim Kimberly kkim@hinsdale86.org 630-570-8516 Website Science Central
    Liaw Joe jliaw@hinsdale86.org 630-570-8513 Website Science Central
    Ludois James jludois@hinsdale86.org 630-570-8519 Website Science Central
    Ludovice Tom tludovic@hinsdale86.org 630-570-8514 Website Science Central
    May Julie jmay@hinsdale86.org 630-570-8515 Website Science Central
    McClain Christopher cmcclain@hinsdale86.org 630-570-8528 Website Science Central
    McCloud Alan amccloud@hinsdale86.org 630-570-8511 Website Science Central
    Musick Carla cmusick@hinsdale86.org 630-570-8171 Science Central
    Paige James jpaige@hinsdale86.org 630-570-8502 Website Science Central
    Pintz Peter ppintz@hinsdale86.org 630-570-8510 Website Science Central
    Sargent Cory csargent@hinsdale86.org 630-570-8517 sites.google.com/a/hinsdale86.org/csargent/ Science Central
    Scheldrup Daniel dscheldr@hinsdale86.org 630-570-8524 Website Science Central
    Vetrone Jim jvetrone@hinsdale86.org 630-570-8521 Website Science Central
    Walsh Brigid bwalsh@hinsdale86.org 630-570-8508 Science Central
    Williams John jwilliam@hinsdale86.org 630-570-8503 Website Science Central
    Wollschlaeger Mark mwollsch@hinsdale86.org 630-570-8525 Website Science Central