Attendance Procedures

  •  Bridge Program Attendance

    Attendance will be taken at school and at the COD campus. 


    Transportation Reminder: If you are on a scheduled bus route through First Student, please contact their office at least 5 days prior to any scheduled absences or as soon as possible for unplanned absences: (630) 326-3257.


    Reporting Absences

    Prearranged/ Partial Day/ Full Day Absence – Please email or contact the Bridge staff through the remind app Remind Application  prior to the absence or as soon as possible.

    • Ray Baker
    • Justin Ladas
    • Stephanie Miller


    Visitor Sign- In/Sign- Out Procedure

    All visitors, including parents will be expected to sign-in/sign-out when arriving at the school this includes visiting for IEP meetings and other check-ins.  Please be prepared to show your State ID or Driver's License for identification purposes upon arrival. 


    Authorized Pick-up/ Early pick-up

    In the event that someone other than the parent/guardian and/or individual(s) listed on the emergency contact form will be picking up your young adult, the Bridge staff will require a signed written note, an email or phone call from the parent/guardian authorizing the young adult to be released to this individual.  Please ensure that the provided communication includes:

    • the name of your young adult
    • the name of the individual who will pick-up your young adult,
    • the date/time of the approved dismissal
    • your signature, when applicable.

    **Please note that this designated individual, as well as your designated emergency contacts, will be required to show picture identification as well.   


    Notification of School Closing

    Should it be necessary to close school, information will be posted on our website, and a message will be recorded on the school voice messaging system. In addition, school closure information will be available through local news and radio stations.