• KurtVonnahme

    Kurt Vonnahme

    Math Department Chair

    Phone: (630) 570-8420

    Fax: (630) 887-7375

    Email: kvonnahm@hinsdale86.org



    Linda Bronsteader

    Administrative Assistant

     Phone: (630) 570-8571

     Fax: (630) 887-7375

     Email: lbronste@hinsdale86.org

  • Math Department Mission

    Our mission is to develop in each of our students the mathematical power to become problem solvers, effective communicators, complex thinkers, collaborative workers, skilled information processors, and lifelong learners. We are committed to providing curriculum, instruction and assessment which will actively involve students in constructing and applying mathematical ideas to solve problems and enable students to express the mathematical connections in the world around us with algebraic, geometric or numeric representations.

  • Staff Directory

    Last Name First Name Email Phone Department Building
    BARBER ROBERT rbarber@hinsdale86.org 6305708244 Mathematics Central
    BOWMAN JOHN jbowman@hinsdale86.org 6305708443 Mathematics Central
    BRONSTEADER LINDA lbronste@hinsdale86.org 6305708571 Mathematics Central
    DOLL MATTHEW mdoll@hinsdale86.org 6305708432 Mathematics Central
    DOORHY MARY KAY mdoorhy@hinsdale86.org 6305708446 Mathematics Central
    ESPOSITO REBECCA resposit@hinsdale86.org 6305708433 Mathematics Central
    FREES KRIS kfrees@hinsdale86.org 6305708429 Mathematics Central
    GAGLIANO GINA ggaglian@hinsdale86.org 6305708430 Mathematics Central
    GALICH MELANIE MKACHINS@HINSDALE86.ORG 6305708449 Mathematics Central
    GILES KATHLEEN kgiles@hinsdale86.org 6305708431 Mathematics Central
    GREEN ABBEY agreen@hinsdale86.org 6305708437 Mathematics Central
    GRIFFIN BRIAN bgriffin@hinsdale86.org 6305708424 Mathematics Central
    GRIFFIN KELLY kgriffin@hinsdale86.org 6305708438 Mathematics Central
    GROSS SUSAN sugross@hinsdale86.org 6305708428 Mathematics Central
    HARDING CATHY charding@hinsdale86.org 6305708447 Mathematics Central
    KLOTZ KERI kklotz@hinsdale86.org 6305708426 Mathematics Central
    KORBITZ LISA lkorbitz@hinsdale86.org 6305708436 Mathematics Central
    LOPYKINSKI JO ANN jlopykin@hinsdale86.org 6305708435 Mathematics Central
    ORLOFF-BOWMAN WENDY worloff@hinsdale86.org 6305708440 Mathematics Central
    POROD SARAH sporod@hinsdale86.org 6305708245 Mathematics Central
    ROGALA ALLISON arogala@hinsdale86.org 6305708434 Mathematics Central
    SALLER JULIA jsaller@hinsdale86.org 6305708425 Mathematics Central
    SHARKEY KATHLEEN ksharkey@hinsdale86.org 6305708014 Mathematics Central
    TOMAS JANEEN JTOMAS@HINSDALE86.ORG 6305708439 Mathematics Central
    VONNAHME KURT kvonnahm@hinsdale86.org 6305708420 Mathematics Central