• John Madden  

    John Madden

    Department Chair

    Phone: 630-570-8280

    Fax:   1-630-887-1409

    Email: jmadden@hinsdale86.org


    Barb Deane

    Administrative Assistant

    Phone: 1-630-570-8279

      Fax:   1-630-887-1409

    Email: bdeane@hinsdale86.org



    The Hinsdale Central Family and Consumer Sciences Department

    strives to improve the lives of families, individuals and

    communities through advanced level learning opportunities for all students

    while fostering academic achievement, career exploration, creativity, and

    problem-solving skills.



  • Staff Directory

    Last Name First Name Email Phone Department Building
    Gillette Courtney Cgillett@hinsdale86.org 630-468-4384 FACS Central
    Kalal Benjamin Bkalal@hinsdale86.org 630-570-8005 FACS Central
    Mcphillips April Amcphill@hinsdale86.org 630-570-8383 FACS Central
    Meersman Elizabeth Emeersma@hinsdale86.org 630-570-8380 FACS Central
    Sopiarz Lisa Lsopiarz@hinsdale86.org 630-570-8382 FACS Central