• DavidLange


    David Lange

    English Department Chair

    Phone: (630) 570-8350

    Fax: (630) 887-7719

    Email: dlange@hinsdale86.org


    Teresa Bruns

    Administrative Assistant

    Phone: (630) 570-8351

    Fax: (630) 887-7719

    Email: tbruns@hinsdale86.org


  • The mission of the English Department is to develop in each of our students the following academic attributes: an understanding and appreciation of literature; a proficiency and confidence in writing; the ability to understand communication clearly through active listening, critical observation, and analysis; meaningful questioning skills; habits of critical reading, writing, and speaking skills that carry over to adult life; creativity and imagination in the areas of reading, writing, and speaking; and an appreciation of various cultural and human perspectives through the study and discussion of literature.