• The mission of the English Department is to develop in each of our students the following academic attributes: an understanding and appreciation of literature; a proficiency and confidence in writing; the ability to understand communication clearly through active listening, critical observation, and analysis; meaningful questioning skills; habits of critical reading, writing, and speaking skills that carry over to adult life; creativity and imagination in the areas of reading, writing, and speaking; and an appreciation of various cultural and human perspectives through the study and discussion of literature.


  • Staff Directory

    Last Name First Name Email Phone Department Building
    Bauer Mallory Mbauer@hinsdale86.org 630-468-4363 English Central
    Bessette Jacqueline Jbessett@hinsdale86.org 630-570-8332 English Central
    Billie Christine Cbillie@hinsdale86.org 630-570-8375 English Central
    Burrell Angelique Aburrell@hinsdale86.org 630-570-8358 English Central
    Chandler Gina Gchandle@hinsdale86.org 630-570-8374 English Central
    Didomenico James Jdidomen@hinsdale86.org 630-570-8360 English Central
    Dunlavy John Jdunlavy@hinsdale86.org 630-570-8353 English Central
    Esau Justin Jesau@hinsdale86.org 630-570-8359 English Central
    Fehrman Heather Hfehrman@hinsdale86.org 630-570-8366 English Central
    Friebel Jared Jfriebel@hinsdale86.org 630-570-8092 English Central
    Grady Susan Sgrady@hinsdale86.org 630-570-8091 English Central
    Hiffman Stephanie Shiffman@hinsdale86.org 630-570-8114 English Central
    Jaffe Susan Sjaffe@hinsdale86.org 630-570-8377 English Central
    Kostro Christopher Ckostro@hinsdale86.org 630-570-8372 English Central
    Landry Erin Elandry@hinsdale86.org 630-570-8363 English Central
    Lange David Dlange@hinsdale86.org 630-570-8350 English Central
    Lopez Cherise Clopez@hinsdale86.org 630-570-8361 English Central
    Lundin Erin Elundin@hinsdale86.org 630-570-8093 English Central
    Nagle Lesley Lnagle@hinsdale86.org 630-570-8095 English Central
    Otahal Lauren Lotahal@hinsdale86.org 630-570-8419 English Central
    Palmer Erin Epalmer@hinsdale86.org 630-570-8369 English Central
    Palmquist Michael Mpalmqui@hinsdale86.org 630-570-8373 English Central
    Parker Megan Mparker@hinsdale86.org 630-570-8355 English Central
    Patel Sanskruti Spatel@hinsdale86.org 630-570-8552 English Central
    Saunders Kathrynne Ksaunder@hinsdale86.org 630-570-8370 English Central