• John Madden

    John Madden

    Department Chair

    Phone: 630-570-8280 

    Fax:   1-630-887-1409

    Email: jmadden@hinsdale86.org


    Teresa Bruns

    Administrative Assistant

    Phone: 1-630-570-8351

      Fax:   1-630-887-1409

    Email: tbruns@hinsdale86.org


  • Staff Directory

    Last Name First Name Email Phone Department Building
    DEANE BARBARA bdeane@hinsdale86.org 6305708612 Business Central
    GIARRITANO LEAH lgiarrit@hinsdale86.org 6304684415 Business Central
    HOEKSEMA JANELLE jhoeksem@hinsdale86.org 6305708285 Business Central
    KALAL BENJAMIN bkalal@hinsdale86.org 6305708005 Business Central
    LATORRE NICHOLAS nlatorre@hinsdale86.org 6305708282 Business Central
    MADDEN JOHN jmadden@hinsdale86.org 6305708280 Business Central
    MCPHILLIPS APRIL amcphill@hinsdale86.org 6305708383 Business Central
    RUSSO KAREN krusso@hinsdale86.org 6305708284 Business Central
    SHUM KENNETH kshum@hinsdale86.org Business Central
    TOMAS JANEEN jtomas@hinsdale86.org 6305708439 Business Central

  • The mission of the Hinsdale Central Business Department is to give students a broad introduction to the business world by offering a wide variety of courses in both subject matter and technology skill-based courses. Courses enable students to engage in critical thinking and problem solving as it relates to contemporary business issues, all while developing collaboration and communication abilities. Experiences will provide students with a sound business foundation for college level study and to be productive in an ever changing business environment. Classroom experiences will be safe, caring and challenging.