• Student Discipline

    All District 86 student disciplinary policies; bus safety procedures; procedures for school searches; and bullying prevention are contained within the Student Handbook. Handbooks are distributed electronically via online registration and the web. Hard copies of the handbook are distributed to students during Bookstore Operations. Your online registration and your student’s receipt of the Student Handbook indicate that the student and his/her parent/guardian will read and review the disciplinary policies of Hinsdale Township High School District 86.  


    Senate Bill 100

    The following policies were updated to reflect changes in the law and procedures governing student discipline as defined by Senate Bill 100 [P.A. 99-0456]. These policies become effective and replace the current policy on Student Discipline on the first student attendance day of the 2016-2017 school year.

    Highlights of Major Changes

    • The term and usage of Zero Tolerance practices are strictly prohibited under SB100.
    • Suspension and Expulsion decisions should be made on a case by case basis.
    • Reasonable efforts must be made to resolve threats, address disruptions, and minimize the length of exclusions.
    • Student discipline policies should include interventions the school district intends to implement as part of the disciplinary process.
    • Appropriate and available support services must be identified and provided.
    • Provision of re-engagement opportunities on a continuum, based on the underlying offense and length of the exclusion from school.
    • Schools must limit the number and duration of expulsions and out of school suspensions to the greatest extent possible.

    What Has NOT Changed

    • Schools may still suspend students up to 10 school days providing new requirements of SB100 have been satisfied.
    • Schools can still recommend a student be expelled for up to twi calendar years.
    • IDEA and Section 504 regulations continue to apply to students with disabilities facing suspension and expulsion.

     The standard for student and staff safety has not changed.