• Budget Process and Annual Public Hearing

    In March the District 86 Board of Education reviews budget assumptions and authorizes preparation of the tentative budget for the coming fiscal year.  In June the Board reviews and approves the tentative budget for public inspection. Public notices that the tentative budget is available for inspection and announcing the budget hearing are posted at the District office and printed in local newspapers.

    In September, the Board of Education holds the public hearing to review the planned budget. The Chief Financial Officer [CFO] will review the proposed budget with the Board during the first board meeting of September, with the public hearing held and action taken on the budget at the second meeting in September – in time for a board-approved budget to be sent to ISBE by September 30

    Any person may attend this public hearing to speak on any aspect of the budget. Copies of the proposed budget may be reviewed in the District Administrative Offices and on the District’s website d86.hinsdale86.org / Departments / Business Office. Board meeting dates are available d86.hinsdale86.org / School Board / Board Meetings.