Board Goals for 2016-17 

    A Special Meeting of the Board of Education of Hinsdale Township High School District 86 was held on Wednesday, July 13, 2016, in the Hinsdale Central Community Room, 5500 South Grant Street, Hinsdale IL 60521. View the video of the meeting here.

    All seven members of the Board agreed to the following seven Board Goals for 2016-17: 

      1. Achieve equity in:
        1. Curriculum Opportunities
        2. Instruction
        3. Discipline Code 
      2. Create and implement PR/community outreach plan
      3. Implement the Master Facilities Plan
      4. Improve the District's technology and become a leader in the area through regular ongoing improvements in the following areas: business office; library technology; increased technological improvement in parental communications and community communications; student technology; increased class options at both campuses
      5. Expand revenue opportunities
      6. Improve District financial stability by:
        1. Adopting a balanced budget delivering a modest surplus
        2. Maintaining current fund balances
        3. Identifying cost savings
        4. Improving internal controls
        5. Improving financial expertise of Board and staff
      7. Maintain the test scores overall and improve test scores in targeted areas where underperformance is experienced