• During the 2018-2019 School Year, four Emergency Days were used and two Remote Learning Days were implemented during Spring Testing on April 9 and 10. The chart below summarizes the changes to the 2018-2019 school calendar.  Scroll to the bottom of the page for the color-coded year-long calendar approved in July 2018. 



    November 26: Attendance Day

    November 26: Non-Attendance Day (Inclement Weather)

    December 20: Emergency Day

    December 20: Attendance Day (to make up for Nov 26)

    January 28: Attendance Day

    January 28: Non-Attendance Day (Inclement Weather)

    January 30: Attendance Day

    January 30: Non-Attendance Day (Inclement Weather)

    January 31: Attendance Day

    January 31: Non-Attendance Day (Inclement Weather)

    April 9: Testing/Attendance Day

    April 9: Testing/Remote Learning Day

    April 10: Testing/Attendance Day

    April 10: Testing/Remote Learning Day

    June 3: Emergency Day

    June 3: Attendance Day (to make up for Jan 28)

    June 4: Emergency Day

    June 4: Attendance Day (to make up for Jan 30)

    June 5: Emergency Day

    June 5: Attendance Day (to make up for Jan 31)


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