• Hinsdale Transition Center opened a second location at the start of the 2021-22 school year to accommodate the increased interest in our services and expected growth in the enrollment for our programs. Below is the contact information for our two locations. 

    7302 Clarendon Hills Rd
    Darien, IL 60561
    Phone: 630-468-4318
    Fax: 630-468-4591

    Burr Ridge
    16W361 S. Frontage Road, Suite 126
    Burr Ridge, IL 60527
    Phone: 630-734-2500
    Fax: 630-734-2502

Last Name First Name Email Title Type
DiCianni Kathryn kdiciann@hinsdale86.org Transition Programs Assistant Director/Vocational Coordinator Administrator
Kinsey Cristina ckinsey@hinsdale86.org Transition Programs Director/Speech Language Pathologist Administrator
Verthein Brad BVerthein@hinsdale86.org Assistant Superintendent of Student Services Administrator
Angelico Mary mangelic@hinsdale86.org Physical Therapist (District Wide) Certified
Baker Ray rbaker@hinsdale86.org Bridge 2 Program Case Manager/Teacher Certified
Chrapkowski Taryn tchrapko@hinsdale86.org Transition Specialist/DRS Certified
Dunlavy Kasey kdunlavy@hinsdale86.org Bridge 1 Program Case Manager/Teacher Certified
Friebel Gina gfriebel@hinsdale86.org Social Worker Certified
Henseler Kelli khensele@hinsdale86.org Speech-Language Pathologist Certified
Ladas Justin jladas@hinsdale86.org Bridge 2 Program Case Manager/Teacher Certified
Ley Stephanie sley@hinsdale86.org Occupational Therapist (District Wide) Certified
Marino Jahnean jmarino@hinsdale86.org Case Manager/Teacher Certified
Mengarelli Cathy cmengare@hinsdale86.org Case Manager/Teacher/THREADS Support Certified
Miller Stephanie stmiller@hinsdale86.org Bridge 2 Program Case Manager/Teacher Certified
Moldenhauer Jill jmoldenh@hinsdale86.org Case Manager/Teacher Certified
Nieto Samantha snieto@hinsdale86.org Case Manager/Teacher Certified
O'Hara Kristen kohara@hinsdale86.org Case Manager/Teacher Certified
Popovich Stephanie spopovich@hinsdale86.org BCBA District Wide Certified
Principe Ashley aprincip@hinsdale86.org Case Manager/Teacher Certified
Riggs Heather hriggs@hinsdale86.org Case Manager/Teacher Certified
Yopp Bridget byopp@hinsdale86.org Bridge 1 Program Case Manager/Teacher Certified
Adams Elizabeth (Ellie) eadams@hinsdale86.org Paraprofessional Support
Arruda Lorena larruda@hinsdale86.org Paraprofessional Support
Barnoski Chris cbarnosk@hinsdale86.org Nurse/Paraprofessional Support
Beener Jonathan jbeener@hinsdale86.org Paraprofessional Support
Black Christopher cblack@hinsdale86.org Paraprofessional Support
Brown Nancy nbrown@hinsdale86.org Paraprofessional Support
Carlson Sheri scarlson@hinsdale86.org Paraprofessional Support
Chan Wylie wchan@hinsdale86.org Paraprofessional Support
Dahlin Ben bdahlin@hinsdale86.org Paraprofessional Support