• The TSI Room 502 is OPEN during periods 1, 3, and 7/8. During these periods, HCHS students will help other students with any Chromebook issues they may have, including handing out any loaners. If a student needs help before or after school or during periods 1, 2, 4, 5, 6, 9, or 10, please go to Room 219, which is located right across the hall from TSI. During these periods, HCHS technical support staff will help students with any Chromebook issues that they may have, including handing out any loaners. There are also signs on the doors & windows of Room 502 notifying students to go to Room 219 if Room 502 is closed. In summary, there is Chromebook help for students every period of the day.




    What is TSI?

    Technology Support Internship(TSI) is a student-run help desk for Chromebook/technology issues at Hinsdale Central High School.


    Where is TSI?

    Room 502, on the left as you enter the Library. 


    When is TSI open?

    The TSI help desk runs during periods 4/5, 7/8, and 9. It’s best if students come in when the TSI help desk students are there.


    What can TSI help with?

    • We will take the Chromebook in for repair and give them a loaner Chromebook until their Chromebook is fixed.
    • A student thinks their Chromebook is broken in some way.
    • A student’s Chromebook is not able to get on the student WiFi.
    • A student is unable to log into their Hinsdale86 account.


    What should I do if a student has lost their Chromebook or had it stolen.

    They should report it to the Deans/SRO and then to TSI for a loaner Chromebook.  We will loan them a Chromebook to use until theirs is found OR the student’s account is charged for a new one.


    How will a student know that their Chromebook is fixed?

    • Students should check their Hinsdale Central email account to be notified their Chromebook is ready.  The email sender will be from “Central TSI”.
    • Student MAY need to check their Junk folder.


    What is TSI not able to fix?

    • Student forgot their charger and wants a loaner charger. We do not have chargers to loan out, but we can give them a loaner Chromebook for the class period.  Students must return the loaner Chromebook at the end of the period.
    • Student has OneNote or Canvas on their Chromebook, but is having problems using those apps.  These issues can be handled by Dave Lapetino
    • Student has lost/broken their stylus or charger. Students can purchase a new stylus or charger in the TSI/Room 502.
    • Student is unable to get into HAC (Home Access Center). Please go to the Main Office (Room 122) for assistance.


    What should students do prior to bringing their Chromebook to TSI for service?

    • Bring their current physical ID or a photo of it.
    • Shut down and reboot their Chromebook.  This simple fix has solved many issues thus far!