• Parking on Cohort Days

    Student Parking Lot 

    Seniors who currently are in possession of a 1st/2nd semester parking permit may park in the Student Lot on their assigned cohort days.  Students that have been assigned a 2nd semester parking permit may pick up their parking permit at the Greeter’s Desk during the school day, 7:30 AM – 3:00 PM.  Parking permits will be prorated for the semester.  Permits must be displayed on the windshield in lower left corner (drivers side). Students will be billed through Push Coin at the end of 1st semester.  

    If we move to 50% of students on campus, we may have to make adjustments to your access to parking on campus.  


    Access to Parking Off-Campus – Students that do not have a parking permit

    Hinsdale Central has requested temporary relief from certain parking restrictions from the Village of Hinsdale in the area south of the High School.  Parking in the areas listed below will be allowed from 7:30 AM – 1:30 PM.

    • North side of 57thStreet from Grant to Washington 
    • East side of Grant from 57thto 59th
    • North side of 59thfrom Garfield to Madison


    Senior Parking Permit Assignments for the 2020/2021 School Year

    Parking applications have been processed and all seniors that have completed the process have been assigned a parking permit for 1st or 2nd semester.  Due to construction and some changes that were made in the senior parking lot, we needed to move some seniors from 2nd semester to 1st semester.  All students that were moved should have received an email notification regarding this.  Students will not be charged for parking in Push Coin until the school year begins.  All students that hold a driver's permit will need to present their driver's license when they pick up their permit in the fall.  

    Students that are highlighted in yellow still need to submit a copy of their driver's license and current insurance card.  

    1st Semester Parking

    2nd Semester Parking

    Senior Parking Application Reminders for the 2020/2021 School Year

    The application process closed on April 30, 2020.  Students who have not emailed a copy of their driver's license/permit and current insurance card to the Deans' Office will need to do so to complete the process.  Students who do not hold a driver's license at the time applications are due may apply, but will need to hold a valid driver's license prior to the semester in which they are requesting parking.  Parking permits are not transferrable to other students.  Students will be charged $75.00 in their Push Coin account over the summer if they have been assigned a parking permit.

    2020/2021 Senior Parking Guidelines


    Hinsdale Central Bus Route Information

    Please check your student’s route in HAC (Home Access Center) and review the updated routes on the school website.

    If there is an issue with your students bus route assignment, please have them stop by the Deans’ Office the first week of school.

    Flex Learning Days

    School is dismissed at 11:30 AM and buses will depart Hinsdale Central at 11:45 AM.  The activity bus will run at 6:15 PM for students involved in athletics and activities.

    Return to School Bus Protocols

    Students who are assigned to bus transportation provided by the district will need to sit in a designated seat.  Students will load the bus from back to front and fill the window seats first.  Face covering must be worn for the duration of the trip to or from school. Drivers will also wear personal protective equipment while operating the bus.  Students will have their student ID card scanned as they load and unload the buses at the school.   

    Bus Routes

    Hinsdale Central Bus Routes 

     Hinsdale Central Bus Routes Link

    Hinsdale Central Route 19 - EL Bus Route

    Route 19 Link

    8:50 AM Late Start Bus Routes/Times

    8:50 AM Late Start Bus Route Times Link

    6:15 PM Bus Route - Currently not running

    6:15 PM Bus Route Link


    Starting the week of October 12th

    Buses will depart Hinsdale Central 15 minutes after 3rd period on Monday's and Thursday's & 15 minutes after 10th period on Tuesday's and Friday's. 

    Bus Routes 1 - 10 will be lined up on the eastside of the building outside the Pool Doors and Gymnasium.  We ask that students exit Door #5 (Pool Doors) so we can scan their ID card before they load the bus.

    Bus Routes 11- 19 will be lined up in the front of the school in the Circe Drive.  We ask that students exit Door #1 (Main Entrance) so we can scan their ID card before they load the bus.