• Bullying/Harassment Resources

    We believe a student's right to feel safe in school is paramount and contributes significantly to his or her capacity for learning and social development. Currently, District 86 schools have a protocol for reporting bullying and dealing with offenders which largely calls on students to approach adults and describe the incident. However, it is our belief that bullying goes unreported because students, for a number of reasons, may not be comfortable reporting incidents, or reporting incidents to school personnel. 

    In our on-going effort to maintain a safe learning environment for all of our students, District 86 has developed three new reporting resources to report bullying/harassment.  We encourage students/parents to utilize these resources to report any bullying/harassing behavior of which they have knowledge.  When a message is retrieved by school personnel the incident will be investigated and responded to accordingly


    E-mails for reporting bullying/harassing behavior: 
    Hinsdale South e-mail:  shs-bullying@hinsdale86.org

    Bullying Hotlines:
    Hinsdale South:  (630) 468-4300


    Bullying On-Line Reporting Form
    Click here for the On-Line form. (Hinsdale South)

    Note:  You do not need to give your name to file a report.