• Tina Snyder, CPPB
    Procurement Officer
    Administrative Center
    5500 S. Grant Street
    Hinsdale, IL  60521
    Telephone:  630.570.8003
    Email msnyder@hinsdale86.org

    Purchasing is responsible for acquiring goods and services for the District.  The objective is that all materials, supplies, equipment, and services required by the District are acquired in a timely manner, at the lowest possible cost, consistent with the quality required and in compliance with all applicable procurement legislation for School Code (105 ILCS/5).  Purchasing seeks to ensure the tax payers receive the maximum value for each dollar spent.

    Approve the purchase of goods and services for all District departments through purchase orders, p-cards and contracts.

    • Consolidate duplication of services between departments
    • Ensure that purchase comply with the District policies
    • Ensure that all purchase promote fair and impartial competition
    • Oversee the public bidding and proposal process
    • Perform research to find the maximum benefit for the funds spent
    • Work with businesses interested in providing goods and or services to the District

    Bidding Requirement
    Contracts for supplies, materials, services and construction shall be made in accordance with the State law bidding procedure unless specifically exempted. It shall be practice whenever possible to solicit competitive written quotations for purchases over $2,000 in order to secure the lowest prices and to make the best use of the District funds.