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  • Process, Protocols and Procedures for Inclement Weather

    As we head into the winter months, we want to remind students, staff, families and community members about the process, protocols and procedures we will initiate and follow should we need to close our schools due to inclement weather.
    Please visit https://bit.ly/3rREamP for information about how and when we will communicate weather-related updates. There are also details about the Emergency Weather Learning (E-learning) Days we will implement if we need to close our schools.
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  • 5 Essentials Survey

    Hello Hinsdale Central Parents -
    We Need Your Feedback!!!
    Parents, students and teachers across Illinois will once again have an opportunity to participate in the annual statewide Illinois 5Essentials Survey. This survey is designed to generate a detailed picture of the inner workings of your child’s school as it relates to the important elements of school effectiveness.
    On behalf of the Illinois State Board of Education, the Illinois 5Essentials Survey will be administered online by the University of Chicago. All survey responses will be kept confidential. The state will provide survey results for individual schools only if a school has at least 20 percent of parents take the survey.
    To take this short survey:
    1. Visit https://survey.5-essentials.org/illinois/
    2. Type and select “Dupage” as "County." (The county is the location of the school district's main office.)
    3. Type your school's name into the "School" field and select your school.
    The Illinois 5Essentials Survey identifies five indicators that can lead to important student outcomes, including test score gains. Research has shown that schools strong on these indicators are ten times more likely to improve student learning. The five indicators that affect school success are effective leaders, collaborative teachers, involved families, supportive environments, and ambitious instruction.
    Parents will have until March 11th to participate in the survey.
    We will be administering the survey to students during the week of February 14th. Student participants will be required to log-in using their state ID and birth date in order to complete the survey. Students’ identities will be completely confidential. Teachers or administrators will never see individual responses to survey questions and will only receive aggregated information, such as the total percentage of students who agree homework assignments help them learn course material.
    Please be aware that under the Protection of Pupil Rights Act. 20 U.S.C. Section 1232(c) (1) (A), you have the right to review a copy of the questions asked of your child. While the link to this year’s survey questions has not yet been made available, the questions are the same as last year and can be found on the Illinois 5Essentials website at https://help.5-essentials.org/s/article/illinois-5essentials-survey-questions
    If you do not want your son or daughter to participate, please call the Hinsdale Central Main Office at 630-570-8214 by February 7, 2022.
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  • UPDATE: Master Facility Plan Student Service Center
    Since Pepper Construction began work on the Student Service Center in May 2021, much work has been completed as we are near completion and occupancy in April 2022. Click on the below link to see the work from the start through December 2021. HC Student Service Center.
    Cotter Consulting, which is serving as the owner's representative for the district's Future Ready Facilities work, is providing weekly updates about the status of open projects. Links to those updates can be found on the D86 Future Ready Facilities website.
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    for Hinsdale Central High School Junior students and parents
    Sunday, FEBRUARY 20, 2022
    12:00 PM - 3:30 PM
    This optional workshop is designed to provide juniors and their parents with some additional guidance as they prepare to navigate the college application process.
    After an introduction, students will participate in 3 breakout sessions focused on the college search and application process. The breakout sessions include the following:
    College Applications from the perspective of a college admissions representative
    Application Essays—take a deep breath
    How I selected my college list: HCHS Senior Student panel
    In addition, students may choose to participate in a mock interview conducted by a trained interviewer. Here is some information regarding co that require an interview:
    The workshop also includes a 90 minute parent session which includes time for Q&A about the college application process.
    All juniors/parents who would like to attend the workshop must register whether or not they choose to have an interview. Registration closes on February 4. Practice interview sessions are limited and scheduled on a first come/first serve basis.
    Please click here:
    to register for the 2022 College Planning Workshop
    We also welcome volunteers to help with the day. We need interviewers and feedback providers (you will receive training!) plus a few folks to help with check-in and logistics.
    Click here to volunteer
    For more information or questions, please contact us at
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  • College Selection Process: Advice from the Experts on February 16 at 6:30 PM online
    Please join us to hear admissions advice from the following representatives: Dr. Thelbert J. Snowden, Director of Admissions & Recruitment at Morehouse College, Christopher J. Gruber Vice President/Dean of Admission and Financial Aid at Davidson College, Melinda DeMaria – Undergraduate Admissions/Associate Director of Admissions at the University of Georgia and  Keira Vollandt – Assistant Director of Admissions at Tufts University
    You can join the event at: 
    Event number: 2499 095 7056
    Event password: uyWkWD6pb33 (89959367 from phones)
    Join by phone 408-418-9388 
    Access code: 2499 095 7056
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  • Community Speaker Series Event

    COmmunity Speaker Series



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  • Prom 2022 Update

    Due to communication from the Field Museum and COVID restrictions in Cook County, the Field Museum has informed us that all attendees must provide proof of vaccination for admission to the museum; therefore, they cannot accommodate all of our students at prom this year. 
    In order to accommodate the entire class of 2022, regardless of vaccination status, the Senior Crew is actively reworking plans for Prom.
    There will be a Prom for the Class of 2022.
    The Senior Crew will regularly update this site as more information becomes available.
    Please direct any questions to the Senior Crew sponsors, Mrs. Saunders (ksaunders@hinsdale86.org) and Mrs. Cotter (mcotter@hinsdale86.org) or the Director of Student Activities, Sally Phillip (sphillip@hinsdale86.org).
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  • On-Site Covid Testing Services by Northshore Clinical Labs

    On Sept. 16, the District 86 Board of Education approved a contract with Northshore Clinical Labs to provide on-site COVID-19 testing services for our students and staff. Before we could make these services available, we needed the Illinois Department of Public Health (IDPH) to issue its updated testing protocols. We also needed to work with Northshore and our building-level leaders to finalize the logistical/operational aspects of the testing process (e.g., consent, staffing, locations, etc.). Now that these critical steps have been completed, we are pleased to announce that Northshore will be able to administer free rapid antigen and RT-PCR tests to our students and staff beginning the week of Nov. 1. 
    As a reminder, the following individuals are required to participate in the district’s weekly testing program:
    • Unvaccinated students who are taking part in a school- or district-sponsored sport or activity, which includes serving on a student club or organization. For athletics, this is limited to students who are currently in season. Test results will be a factor in determining eligibility. The athletic and activities directors from each school will provide students and their parents/guardians with more detailed information about the testing process.  
    • Any employee who is unvaccinated. This is based on an executive order that Governor Pritzker issued in late August. The district’s human resources department will provide employees with more detailed information about the testing process.
    While these individuals must submit to testing in accordance with the district’s program, that testing does not have to be conducted by Northshore. Instead, it can be completed by any licensed medical practitioner or health professional. With that said, official results have to be submitted to the appropriate school or district official by the reporting deadline every week regardless of where the tests are administered. 
    Any student (e.g., vaccinated; unvaccinated, but not in a sport or activity; unvaccinated, but not currently in season for a sport) or staff member (e.g., vaccinated) who falls outside the categories listed above will not be required to follow the district’s weekly testing protocols. However, they will have access to the testing services should they need them - i.e., they are experiencing a COVID-like symptom, or have been identified as a close contact and want to get tested in order to stay in school or at work. 
    Anyone who utilizes the services being provided by Northshore and the district must provide consent. Below are school-specific links that parents/guardians can use to authorize consent for their children and employees can use to authorize consent for themselves. 
    Any student from the Transition Center or employee who is not assigned to Central or South can use the link for the location that will be easiest/most convenient for them for testing purposes. In addition, while consent can be given at the time of testing, having it in advance will help expedite the process. 
    Below are the days and times that testing services will be available, and the location in each building where they will be administered. 
    • Hinsdale Central - testing will occur in room 504 during regular school hours (8 a.m.-3p.m.) Monday through Friday. 
    • Hinsdale South - testing will occur in room 126 during regular school hours (8 a.m.-3p.m.) Monday through Friday. 
    The buildings will provide additional information (e.g., process for getting tested during the school day, process for submitting test results from outside providers, etc.) prior to the first day of testing. In the meantime, please contact the assistant principal for operations from your child’s school (Kari Peronto from Hinsdale South, kperonto@hinsdale86.org; Ryan Maita from Hinsdale Central, rmaita@hinsdale86.org) if you have any questions. 
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  • Weekly Thursday Progress Reports and Grading Reminders

    We want to make sure that all families understand how teachers are using the grades of "M" and "ME" this school year.
    • M (for Missing) is entered in a gradebook when a student has not turned in an assignment. It communicates to the student, parent/guardian and school support teams that an assignment has not been completed.
    • ME (Missing and Essential) is entered in the gradebook when an assignment that is essential for understanding a student’s performance has not been turned in or completed. An example of this might be a unit assessment, a research paper, or an end of semester project. When a grade of ME is entered in the gradebook, the student’s grade will appear as "Incomplete (IC)" until the ME is resolved. Once the student has completed the Missing and Essential (ME) assignment, the grade in the class will reappear in HAC. Please note that a student cannot receive a passing grade or credit in the course with an ME in the gradebook at the end of the semester. The IC should serve as serious red flag that the student's grade is in immediate need of attention. Should you see an IC on a weekly IPR or in HAC, please contact your student's teacher directly and they will work with you to explain what your student needs to do.
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  • Daily Schedule 

    daily schedule

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