• Pest Control Procedures

    District 86 employs a system known as Integration Pest Management to control insects and rodents. The focus of the system is to identify and eliminate conditions in the school that could cause pests to be a problem. Applications of pest control materials are made only when necessary to eliminate a pest problem. Regular spraying inside the school building is not part of the pest program; however, occasional applications of pesticide control materials may be used to maintain the school grounds.

    If it becomes necessary to use any pest control products other than traps or baits, notice will be posted two business days prior to the application.  The only exception to the two-day notice would be if there was an immediate threat to health or property. Then notice will be posted as soon as practicable.  

    If you would like to receive written notification prior to the application of any pest control materials subject to the notification requirements, please notify the Building and Grounds Office at your school.