• Directory Information

    Release of Student Directory Information
    Under the Illinois School Student Records Act (“ISSRA”) and the federal Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (“FERPA”), student record information is generally confidential and cannot be released without parent consent. There are a few exceptions, one of which that allows the District to release certain basic identifying information about its students to third parties upon request. This exception known is as Directory Information.

    Directory Information
    The District has designated the following as Directory Information:

    • Student’s name, grade level, and date of birth;
    • Academic awards, degrees, and honors;
    • Information relating to school-sponsored activities, organizations, and athletics;
    • Period of attendance in school;
    • Photographs, videos, or digital images used for informational or news-related purposes (whether by a media outlet or by the school) of a student participating in school or school-sponsored activities, organizations, and athletics that have appeared in school publications, such as yearbooks, newspapers, or sporting or fine arts programs; and
    • Parents’ names, telephone numbers, mailing addresses, and electronic mail addresses.

    Student social security numbers, student identifications, and unique student identifiers are NOT designated as directory information.

    No photograph highlighting individual faces shall be used for commercial purposes, including solicitation, advertising, promotion or fundraising without the prior, specific, dated and written consent of the parent or student, as applicable; and no image on a school security videotape recording shall be designated as directory information.

    The District often wishes to celebrate the activities and accomplishments of its students by sharing information with the community. To that end, the District periodically may use Directory Information (including, videotapes, photographs, or digital images) in District-sponsored publications, on the District’s website, or on District social media sites and may release Directory Information to third parties, such as news media and District 86 student and parent organizations.  The District may occasionally allow the news media to interview, photograph, record, or videotape students under the supervision of District personnel. The District also may release Directory Information, when necessary, to law enforcement or safety and security officers, and to third parties performing services on behalf of the District, such as for electronic residency verification.

    Some of this Directory Information (student/parent/guardian name and address) may be provided to a third party vendor for the purpose of electronic verification of a student’s residence in the District, reducing the need for residency paperwork to be completed by parents/guardians.  Parents/guardians may request that any or all Directory Information not be released for the purpose of electronic residency verification by following the opt out instructions below, specifying that you do not want the information released for electronic residency verification purposes. Please note that, if you opt out of the release of Directory Information for the purpose of electronic residency verification, you will be required to complete and submit all necessary residency verification paperwork in written form to your school’s Registrar. The District reserves the right to verify information submitted on residency verification paperwork, including through the use of a third party vendor who may access directly related student record information pursuant to applicable student record protocols.

    Right to Opt Out of the Release of Directory Information
    Parents/guardians may request that any or all of the above-identified Directory Information not be released for their student. If you do not want your student’s Directory Information to be released, you must notify your school’s registrar in writing or by email to mediaoptout@hinsdale86.org clearly indicating that you are opting out of the release of all Directory Information, or identifying the certain types of Directory Information you do not want released for your student.