• Required Summer Reading for Hinsdale South High School Students


    May 2020

    Dear Students and Parents/Guardians:

    Hinsdale South High School strives to transform students into lifelong learners.  One of the most critical life skills is reading since it not only develops critical thinking and builds vocabulary, but it also inspires students to discover the joy of a good book.  Therefore, the Department of English at Hinsdale South is pleased to continue its summer reading program.  Although students receive a summer break, they should not take a break from reading in the summer.

    During this summer, all high school students should read the book or books listed on the attached sheet that correspond to the English class that they will be taking during the 2020-2021 school year. Students in regular English classes should choose one of the books listed in the left-hand column on the attached list. Students in honors or AP English must read the assigned books for the class they will be taking.  When students return from the summer, they should expect to take a survey in class over the book that they have read and complete assignments over their readings. During the first week of school, English teachers will be conducting activities related to these books identified as “summer reading.”

    We ask parents to support this initiative by encouraging their son or daughter to obtain a copy of the summer reading books and to see that the reading is thoroughly completed in a timely fashion.  We have notified local bookstores about this reading program, and they will have titles available for purchase throughout the summer.  In addition, Indian Prairie Public Library and other local libraries should have extra copies of these titles.  Parents may want to read along with their students. After all, the purpose of summer reading is to encourage everyone to become life-long learners in the enjoyment and enrichment of interacting with a good book.

    In the next few days, English teachers will be discussing summer reading with their students.  If you have any questions or concerns, do not hesitate to contact David Anderson, English Department Chair, at 630-468-4350 or danderso@hinsdale86.org .


    The Department of English