If the concern is extreme emotional distress or self-harm:

    • Contact parent/guardian.
    • If parent/guardian is unavailable, call the student’s emergency contact number available through e-school.
    • Arrange for adult to pick up student at school.
    • If concerned about suicide and parents are unavailable, call 911.


    If the concern involves abuse or neglect: call DCFS at

    1-800-25-ABUSE (1-800-252-2873)

    • Be prepared to have contact information that is available on e-school.
    • Inform Director of Counseling of action taken by leaving a message.

               Michael Holland, (630)468-4250


     If the student is DHH, contact the Department Chair.

               Carrie Morfoot  (708)601-6793


    Edmund Arroyo, LCSW           Kathy Dmochowski, LCSW

    Nancy Betker, LCSW          Lance Martin, MSW          Kate Kokenes, LCSW