College Representatives Visiting Hinsdale South

  • College representative visits are scheduled during the school day. Students are encouraged to take advantage of the opportunity to receive first-hand information from them. Visits are scheduled and reminders are posted in the hallway and in the Counseling office. A current listof these appointments is available here: 






    Students wishing to visit with a college rep should come to the Counseling Office and sign up with one of the Counseling Administrative Assistants.  Students are issued passes, which need to be signed by the teacher whose class the student will be missing.  Students must have this pass in order to attend the college visit.  Without it, they will not be admitted to the meeting. Teachers may or may not excuse the student, depending on the student's need to be in class based on their grade and the activity that will occur on that day.  The College Rep visit will usually last about 30-45 minutes and the student's pass will be validated before they return to class.  If the student is unable to meet with the College Rep, materials can be left with the Counseling Office Secretary for the student.