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    First, check the Document Library (above) for more information. Also see the Student Handbook, which will answer many of your questions. 


    Who do I see about…

    Behavioral Concerns: Deans' or Guidance Office

    Bus or Parking Questions: Deans' Office

    Bus Pass (temporary): Deans' Office

    Class Schedule Lost: Counseling Office

    Homework for Extended Absence: Counselor

    Late Arrival/Early Dismissal: Deans' Office

    Locker Combination Lost: Deans' Office

    Locker Jammed: Building & Grounds

    Lost & Found: Bookstore

    Lost Identification Card: Bookstore

    Medical Hall Pass: Health Service Office

    Message Board: Main Office

    P.E. Medical Exemption: Health Service Office

    Poster Approvals: Activities Director

    Student Pick Up: Deans' Office

    Transcripts: Registrar

    Work Permits: Registrar