• Substitute Information

    Thank you for your interest in substitute teaching in Hinsdale Township High School District 86. If you are applying to substitute in District 86 for the first time, click on the Employment link on the left and look for a position posted for Substitute teaching and fill out the online application if available.


    Rate Classification

    Regular Substitution:

    Teacher Sub:

    $19.00 / period (@ 5+  full periods = $133 )

    Paraprofessional Sub:

    $18/period (@7  full periods = $126)


    Long Term Teacher Substitution Rates (After 15 Consecutive Days in the same assignment):

    BA Step 1 = $300.58/Day or MA Step 1 = $339.12/Day 


    Dependent on actual assignment as noted in the following:

    Honors/AP, Specialty Areas: MA Step 1 Rate

    All Others: BA Step 1 Rate

    One Full Semester Teacher Substitution Rates:

    Part-Time Contract based on current teacher salary schedule