SEL Program and Speakers Overview

  • Hinsdale Township High School District 86 collaborates with the Hinsdale Central PTO and the District 181 Foundation to bring in nationally respected and inspirational SEL-related authors, researchers, and speakers to provide informative presentions to our school families, staff, and communities. Known as the "Community Speaker's Series" these events have been highly valued by attendees.  The 2016-17 event brochure is attached below in the "Helpful Documents" section of this page.

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    Superintendent's Community Speaker Series Message


    Dear Friends and Families of Hinsdale 86,


    On behalf of Hinsdale Township High School District 86, I welcome the parents of our community to the third year of the Community Speakers Series.


    As our children grow and change so do the demands and worries of parenting. As teachers and administrators, we join hands with you to foster an atmosphere that supports our children academically, of course, but also one that cultivates their social and emotional well-being. We have learned not to separate our students’ academic attainment from their social and emotional well-being. By supporting the whole child, we work every day to empower students to pursue their ideal future as a whole adult.


    With our dedicated partners, The District 181 Foundation, Hinsdale Central PTO and The Community House, we join together as one school community through this popular series to share, discuss and learn how to deal with the challenges parents face. This year, the Community Speakers Series adds a fourth event to the roster of national thought leaders who will inform and inspire us about issues in education and in parenting. These speakers will offer their expertise about the psychological development of the adolescent brain, personal finance skills for young adults, living true to oneself and emotional well-being. These events are free to the public. The speakers will hold workshops with elementary and secondary staff so that we are all learning together how to more effectively create the conditions for our children’s future success.


    By enlisting experts who focus on children’s well-being, this series aims to help all of us achieve our common goal to fortify our students with the skills they need to be successful—in school and in life. As adults, we too can benefit from new ideas that we can use in the classroom and at home.


    You help us champion a strong community that seeks to empower students to realize their ideal future. We are grateful to you for giving us that opportunity and for working with us to create such an environment.



    Dr. Bruce Law, Superintendent