Headshot of Superintendent Dr. Bruce Law

    Dr. Bruce Law
    Superintendent of Schools
    Phone: (630) 655-6110

    Fax: (630) 325-9153
    Email: blaw@hinsdale86.org


    Debra Kedrowski
    Administrative Chief of Staff 
    Phone: (630) 655-6108

    Fax: (630) 325-9153
    Email: dkedrows@hinsdale86.org



    Welcome to District 86! 

    District 86 is steeped in a tradition of excellence. We offer an exceptional array of academic, athletic, arts and activity opportunities for all students. In addition to the pursuit of academic and extracurricular excellence, our students and staff also exhibit a strong dedication to service and demonstrate ardent school spirit. With a tremendous community that provides the foundation for our students to grow and learn, we are so fortunate to call D86 home. 

    Bruce Law, Ed.D.