• Payne

    Dr. Patrice Payne
    District 86 Director of Instructional Equity
    Phone: (630) 655-6114  
    Email: ppayne@hinsdale86.org

  • Instructional Equity: Inclusive and Responsive Academic Instruction

    Our district is committed to the success of each individual student. It is because of this committment that we have developed an equity lens to ensure that all of our students have access to the resources and support they need to pursue their ideal future.

    Our district acknowledges and affirms the diverse representation of identities, intersectionalities, and lived experiences of our students and staff. We recognize that we are stronger when we are together and believe our diversity adds tremendous value to our school communities both in and out of the classroom. 

    Our district also understands that our focus on equity will enable us to not only identify existing barriers and inequalities but overcome them. 

    It is through this commitment to success, belief in diversity, and focus on equity that we will level the playing field for those in our district who come from marginalized communities. We will also achieve equity by actively auditing and altering our current practices so that we can be more inclusive and responsive as well as embracing the role that cultural context and self-identity play in education.

    Our goals in the area of instructional equity include:

    • Reducing opportunity gaps
    • Improving student outcomes
    • Establishing inclusive learning communities
    • Refining instructional practices
    • Committing to personal growth as professionals
    • Achieving multicultural competence
    • Widening avenues of learning

    To accomplish these goals, we must operate as reflective practitioners and engage in constant monitoring of our programs, practices, and policies.

    Equity in Action
    We have developed specialized teams made up of various stakeholders that are leading our efforts to address opportunities for improvement and drive systemic accountability. These teams include:

    • CELT: Culture and Equity Leadership Team
    • DELT: District Equity Leadership Team
    • BEAT: Building Equity Action Team