• Process for Changing Instructional Models
    Some of our students will learn from home on a full-time basis to start second semester, but would like to maintain the option of switching to our hybrid model. With this in mind, we have developed the following process that these students and their families can use to request a change from remote to in-person instruction.

    • We will send an email to the families each month reminding them of the option that exists for switching their child to the hybrid model. Below is a chart that includes information about when the emails will be sent, the deadline for requesting a change and the start date for joining the in-person cohort.

      Schedule for Communicating to Families about the Transition from Remote to Hybrid

    • Any family that wants their student to resume in-person instruction will have one week to complete the form we will link to in the email. The form is the only method families can use to request a change. Students who switch to the hybrid model will begin coming back on campus for in-person instruction on the dates listed in the far right column on the chart above.

    • While we will operate under the assumption that anyone who switches to the hybrid model plans to stay in it for the duration of second semester, students will have the option of going back to learning from home on a full-time basis at any time. Families can make this change by contacting their child’s counselor. With that said, any student who switches back to the remote model will not be able to request a return to in-person learning until the next monthly email and form are sent.