• Day-to-Day Hybrid Schedule for Second Semester
    District 86 is bringing up to 50% of our students on campus for in-person instruction second semester. Below is additional information about these efforts.

    • We condensed our learning cohorts from four (A, B, C and D) to two (A and B) to increase the number of students who are on campus for in-person instruction. We are also maintaining our R cohort (R stands for remote) and E cohort (E stands for everyday) from first semester. 
      • Students who selected the hybrid model have been placed in either the A or B cohort. They will come to school two days per week for in-person instruction, and engage in synchronous learning from home the other three days.

      • Students who will be remote to start the semester, but have the option of switching to the hybrid model, have been placed in the R cohort and will learn from home five days per week. They have also been assigned to the A or B cohort should they decide to resume in-person instruction during the second half of the school year.

      • Students who have decided to learn from home on a full-time basis for the rest of the school year have also been placed in the R cohort. However, they have not been assigned to the A or B cohort because they told us they do not intend to switch to the hybrid model during second semester.

      • Students with identified academic, social and/or emotional needs who the district will bring on campus for in-person learning up to four days per week have been placed in the E cohort. We will contact the families of these students to discuss classes, schedules, etc.

    • Students in Learning Cohort A will be on campus for in-person instruction on Mondays and Tuesdays, and students in Learning Cohort B will be on campus for in-person instruction on Thursdays and Fridays. Students who are not scheduled to be on campus or are assigned to Learning Cohort R (R stands for remote) will engage in synchronous learning from home on these days.

    • We will follow the Wednesday remote schedule that we have been using since the start of the school year - i.e., students and teachers will engage in synchronous instruction from 8 a.m. to 11:25 a.m.

    • Students and staff who are on campus will be required to follow the district's health and safety procedures and protocols - e.g., performing symptom self-checks, participating in daily temperature checks, wearing face coverings, wearing IDs on a district-issued lanyard, adhering to the six-foot rule in accordance with social distancing guidelines, adhering to the rules and expectations regarding the flow of student and staff traffic in the building (e.g., hallways, stairwells, entrances/exits and classrooms), etc.

    • Students who are participating in the hybrid model will eat lunch on campus one day per week (i.e., either on Tuesday or Friday). They have been assigned to a designated lunch group and location, and will eat at staggered times during a two-hour window (11 a.m. to 1 p.m.). On the other days these students are at school for in-person instruction (i.e., either on Monday or Thursday), they will receive a free grab-and-go lunch at the end of third period.

    Day-to-Day Hybrid Schedule

    Updated Second Semester Schedule