• Plans and Protocols for At-Home Days
    Below are the plans and protocols we have established for the days (M, T, TH, F) when students who select the hybrid model will be learning from home. These plans and protocols will be the same for the hybrid models with and without lunch. 

    • Attendance
      • Students will check in at the beginning of the scheduled class time.
    • Course work
      • Students will visit Canvas to access at-home assignments for each of their classes.
      • Students will complete assigned coursework, which may include independent (asynchronous) work or synchronous participation in lessons or activities. Synchronous participation will be at the teacher’s discretion.
    • Communication
      • When at home, students will be able communicate with their teachers using agreed upon methods, which may include:
        • Canvas messaging
        • Chat
        • Email

    Since teachers will be facilitating in-person instruction during this time, students will primarily experience/be engaged in independent learning activities on their at-home days. With that said, there may be opportunities for at-home students to partner/collaborate (e.g., peer editing, group work, etc.) with in-class students to help foster peer-to-peer relationships.