• HVAC - Air Quality
    Below is general information about how our HVAC system operates, as well as the solutions we explored for improving the air quality in our buildings. 

    • The individual classrooms in our schools have unit ventilators that limit the intake, flow and recycling of air to that room - i.e., the air from that room stays in that room; it does not travel to other rooms in the building.

    • Air handling units control the heating, cooling and air quality in the larger spaces in the building, which means that air from these units is shared in multiple locations.

    • Some of the solutions we explored for improving the air quality in our buildings included:
      • Leaving the system in occupied mode for longer periods of time, which helps keep the air cleaner by continuously pulling it through the filtration system.
      • Determining what adjustments should be made to the setpoints on our unit ventilators on a seasonal basis to maximize the amount of fresh air that is available in our classrooms.