• Online Program
    Below is information about the online program we are providing for students who would prefer to engage in virtual learning from home. You can access a frequently asked questions document about this program by visiting https://bit.ly/2X5u5CA. You can also access information about why we did not select livestreaming as the primary method for delivering instruction in conjunction with our online program or remote learning model by visiting https://bit.ly/2BDvFnT

    • Edgenuity will be the primary medium for delivering instruction to our students. The company has provided our students with access to online learning solutions for several years.
    • Students will not be assigned to classroom teachers. Instead, their global learning will be managed by a certified staff member from the district (not school specific).
    • Since not all D86 courses are offered via Edgenuity, students may need to select different electives and/or levels of core courses. Courses that are not included in the district’s Edgenuity catalog may be offered on a limited basis, but cannot be guaranteed. You can access the district’s catalog by visiting https://bit.ly/3hM50EQ.
    • All courses taken via Edgenuity will count toward the district’s graduation requirements.
    • Students who choose the online program will be required to remain in it for the entire first semester. Students will not be able to switch to either hybrid model (i.e., with or without lunch). They also will not be able to switch to Remote Learning 2.0 if we need to transition to that model due to health conditions in the community, county or state, the phase our region is in under in the Restore Illinois Plan, or a directive from the county or state. However, they will be able to participate in sports and activities.
    • Students who cannot or will not follow the safety protocols described in the hybrid model without lunch (e.g., wearing face coverings, social distancing, etc.) may be moved to this option.